Vivienne Bardot with Vanda MoorRenato Domith Godinho and Osmar Ribeiro de Almeida Junior

On May 21st and 22nd, 2023, we were proud to partner with the Better World Fund and place VivaLife client, Doctor's Natural, at the annual Better World Fund Conferences and Gala in Cannes during the International Film Festival.

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Team Bardot with VivaLife creates lifestyle business opportunities through multiple visibility channels, including charitable organizations, fund alliances and social networking IRL - in real life!

L-RCélia Xakriabá, Leonardo di CaprioSônia Guajajara and Chief MAPU at the Better World Fund gala in Cannes, benefiting the Amazonia Fund Alliance - sharing a cause near and dear to our ❤️ as well!

The renowned Hotel Carlton once again hosted these days of "Cinematic Art at the Service of Humanity", with the Fund's stated goal of moving our world forward, in fact, evolving... from "I" to "We". 

Sustainability Warriors! Cannes, May 2023



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